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Words on the internet
are absolutely no different from words spoken or written or communicated via ASL.

There is no rating system to communicating on the internet that differs from that of communicating in person or on the phone or even via a video or DVD you might send to someone, to be watched at a later point in time.

I mean really. Are you kidding me.

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(Deleted comment)
Yeah but chances are you're going to have the tendency to say the same things in person as you would on the internet.

That's what I mean, and I'm not sure if that even responds accurately to what you're saying.

(Deleted comment)
True, I do the same. Though I tend to also be on the opposite end of the spectrum, at times, just because, especially if the conversation/topic is annoying, I won't give it a whole lot of thought (same is true if it were a face-to-face conversation). There are different ways, with sometimes a lot more room, to express yourself on the internet. But generally I don't feel like what you say or even intend to say on the internet is all that different in meaning from saying it in a situation where the internet does not at all come into play.

Does that make sense?

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