my birthday was yesterday

i bought 2 cds last night.

fantomas - delirium cordia
explosions in the sky - how strange, innocence

i'm so happy with my purchases so far.

i'm going back out tomorrow to get a book.


Words on the internet

are absolutely no different from words spoken or written or communicated via ASL.

There is no rating system to communicating on the internet that differs from that of communicating in person or on the phone or even via a video or DVD you might send to someone, to be watched at a later point in time.

I mean really. Are you kidding me.


Books scare me, sometimes.
They are massive in scope. Even when they're not, they're intimidating.

What is wrong with me?

Resolution/My Thoughts on The Relationship Between God and Love

My resolution is to post here daily, or a lot more than I have been.

I think I made that resolution before and I haven't been keeping my word.

So here's to keeping my word.

Some thoughts on God and Love.

Loving someone because it'll somehow grant you some supposed higher form of consciousness is a cop out and I will never need a cop out to show love and compassion. I have it not even because it makes ME feel good, even though it does. That isn't the reason. It's because people deserve it, because people are naturally people, not one different from the other. We all deserve it equally. Not because god says we should, not because of some hollow promise of what may not even exist. Do it because it is humane. Because it is Human. We all share this experience together, just as much as one another.